May 2021

Uniswap listing May 5th, 3pm UTC

Sienna is listing on Uniswap 1 hour after Polkstarter’s public sale. This means Uniswap listing is happening on May 5th, 3pm UTC.

SIENNA / wSIENNA is now live on mainnet!

Over the weekend SIENNA and wSIENNA were deployed to mainnet!

If you’re unsure about the different between SIENNA and wSIENNA you can read the following links:
SIENNA: sienna.network/token
wSIENNA: sienna.network


wSIENNA is a wrapped ERC20 version of the native token, SIENNA, which is the one launching on Uniswap.

SIENNA is the native token which is running on Secret Network.

NOTE: You cannot buy the token anywhere before the Uniswap listing, so please be careful with scammers.

Uniswap Listing Info

May 5th, 3pm UTC

wSIENNA contract address: 0x9b00e6E8D787b13756eb919786c9745054DB64f9


Please add this contract address above to your MetaMask wallet, so you are ready and know which token is the correct one.

Guide on how to add a custom token in MetaMask

See you at Uniswap! 🦄