What is Sienna Network?

Sienna is a privacy-first decentralised finance protocol that enables trustless financial instruments, such as trading and lending with complete privacy.

Which blockchain is Sienna built on?

Sienna is built on Secret Network - the first blockchain with privacy-preserving smart contracts, or ‘secret contracts’ that have encrypted inputs, outputs, and state.

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What is the SIENNA Governance Token?

The governance token, SIENNA, is the backbone of Sienna that lets you have democratic influence over the entire platform.

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Where do I find token economics?

You can find it on our website

Token economics

Where can I buy SIENNA?

The SIENNA token is not yet trading. We will announce where and when trading starts. But expect to launch mid April 2021. Join the community to stay tuned.

Will there be any IDO?

Yes! Sienna is going on Dao Maker, Polkastarter and Sienna Launchpad

Does Sienna have a community?

Of course! Just click / tap the button below.

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