Privacy and Cookies

Sienna takes privacy very seriously and does not collect any personal data. The Sienna website doesn’t collect personal information and no commercial trackers are used. The software developed by Sienna is free and not subject to any intellectual property claims from Sienna (see the licensing terms and conditions in the IP-section), but for information purposes only it can be stated that it also doesn’t collect any personal data from its users.

Sienna is committed to helping users understand the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and similar in other parts of the world - but as stated above Sienna doesn’t collect any personal data and therefore doesn’t represent any services under these regulations. For this reason, Sienna doesn’t offer any Data Processing Agreement.

Emails sent to Sienna unencrypted may contain your personal information and in doing so you give consent to Sienna and our email provider (Google) to handle your information. is hosted on Netlify - they keep visitor IP numbers for a maximum of 30 days. We highly recommend that you visit the website via a VPN. sets two 1st party session cookies during visitor sessions - one to store language and one to determine white-/dark-mode. No other cookies are set.

Terms & Conditions

Sienna doesn’t offer any commercial services directly to users. T&C of agreements for vendors providing services to Sienna are done ad hoc.

Sienna's software is made available to the public under the GNU licensing referenced in the Impressum. Sienna assumes no responsibility for any consequential effects arising from use of software developed by Sienna.