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Now is the time to stake Sienna for participation in the IDOs of projects launching at SiennaLaunch.

Guide to win a slot in the SiennaLaunch lottery

Stake SIENNA tokens in the single sided SIENNA pool here  to participate and win an allocation in the launch lottery
These are the factors that will increase your chance of getting an allocation:

1. Amount of SIENNA you stake. The more the higher chance.

2. Time you stake SIENNA. The longer you stake the higher chance.

3. Subscribing to Sienna TG group:

4. following Sienna’s Twitter: 
How to get Sienna
If you have any Secret Network tokens you can swap to SIENNA at SiennaSwap

If you have any Ethereum based (ERC20) tokens including wSIENNA (the ERC or BSC versions) you can use the bridge to get the Secret Network version at

Staking SIENNA will not only automatically give you a chance to win an allocation in all future projects launching at SiennaLaunch but also earn a high APR - currently 15%. To see announcements of SiennaLaunch IDO projects, please join the Sienna Announcements channel on TG.

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