What is SiennaLaunch?
What is SiennaLaunch?SiennaLaunch is the official Sienna Network launchpad protocol. SiennaLaunch offers new projects a comprehensive one-stop-shop for seamless successful project launches.

Why SiennaLaunch?
New projects are able to utilize the built-in Token-Generation-as-a-Service feature. This feature enables new projects to create and launch tokens in a few simple steps. The service will make iteasier to launch new tokens and market them on Sienna Network. Tokens created on the Sienna Launchpad will be automatically listed on SiennaSwap (if the project is selected). Additionally, projects can utilize SiennaLaunch for their initial decentralized-exchange (DEX)
offerings (IDOs), taking advantage of SiennaSwap’s substantial volume, and social media audiences of thousands of users.

Additional SiennaLaunch Benefits
- Know your customer (KYC) compliance for IDOs (on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of each project/team).

- Legal support for projects/teams from leading crypto lawyers and law firms.

- Customizable token vesting.

- Simple customer acquisition path (as opposed to isolated token sales).

- Sustained marketing efforts throughout all stages of project launches (and beyond) via all Sienna Network social media channels.

- Advisory and developer support services from crypto launch specialists.

- Token generation as a service.

- IBC compatible across Cosmos chains.

SiennaLaunch Benefits for Existing Projects
Existing projects can also utilize SiennaLaunch to create hype around new product releases/upcoming milestones. This can be accomplished by offering a limited number of tokens for sale at a discounted rate (with appropriate vesting timeframes to offset the possibility of instant arbitrage by purchasers upon the release of the tokens). By utilizing this tactic (or a similar one), projects can create hype for new product releases/upcoming milestones and acquire new customers.