Sienna Governance 

Sienna is taking over DeFi with privacy-first applications that we will gradually introduce. The platform is controlled by SIENNA, the governance token, which is earned by using the Sienna platform over time, creating a fair distribution for a perfect decentralized future, where SIENNA token holders decide over the entire platform.

Voting power
1 SIENNA = 1 vote. Whenever a proposal is given you can vote for it with your SIENNA tokens. Proposals will pass with a simple majority, which means 50.1%.

All token holders with more than 1% (100,000) of SIENNA tokens can submit a proposal to the network. Once a proposal is submitted voting will be public within seven days from the submission of the proposal.

Where to buy SIENNA
You can acquire SIENNA tokens in multiple ways. You can buy SIENNA on Sienna Swap, buy the wrapped token (wSIENNA) on Uniswap, or earn SIENNA as rewards for providing liquidity to Sienna Swap once it launched.

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Token economics overview.

Name: Sienna
Contract Address:
Secret Network

Total Supply
10 million

Circulating Supply
350,000 SIENNA

300,000 SIENNA tokens used for liquidity on SiennaSwap, Uniswap and centralized exchanges.

200,000 tokens are allocated for the public sale on DAO Maker and Polkastarter, of which 25% will be unlocked at TGE (Token Generation Event).

Token distribution
Distribution starts at issuing event.

39% Minting pool
2,500 SIENNA will mint per 24 hours. 2,000 of the 2,500 are awarded to the rewards pools.

The remaining 500 SIENNA will be allocated to a Sienna Network-controlled wallet and the proceeds will be used for competition incentives, community assistance grants and similar purposes.

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24% Founders
Vesting: Locked for 6 months, then remaining released daily over 20 months.

20% Private sale
Vesting: Locked for 3 months, then released daily over 16 months.
Private sale price (completed): $5 per token

13% Development fund
Vesting: Locked for 12 months, then remaining released daily over 24 months.

2% Advisors
Vesting: Locked for 6 months, then released daily over 16 months

2% Public sale
200,000 tokens are allocated for the public sales on DAO Maker & Polkastarter.
Price per token for the public sales: $6