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Workplace: Remote / Start: Immediately
Sienna Network is looking for a Community Manager. The role is full-time and the compensation is competitive. The position is open to all with previous documented SoMe Community Manager experience independent of Time Zone. However, we require a strong belief in Privacy, Crypto and decentralized communities.

We believe in crypto as a community and the importance of strong communication. The Sienna Network Community consists of more than 300,000 users across Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and more. Sienna Network supports volunteer Ambassadors who maintain more than 30 language-specific and local groups.

The job is to organize Siennas own groups and support the volunteer Ambassadors and includes:
- Prepare, proof and post content across SoMe, Owned and Paid media channels.
- Communication and support for Ambassadors organising local communities
- Answer DMs and Support users in main groups, incl develop and maintain the Sienna Knowledge DB Support Articles

Some of the recurring tasks are:
- Help to forward technical issues to tech support members via the Support system, followup
- Run AMAs
- Define topics and run Sienna Discuss on TG twice a week (2x 1 hour)
- Plan and execute competitions (memes, contests, videos, etc)
- Engage with users in the chat and be the face of the community

You have a strong understanding of and experience with crypto and DeFi. You are probably OG and can explain how blockchains, wallets, smart contracts, minting, nodes, and other related topics work.
You are a strong user advocate and have a positive attitude and communicate in a fun and engaging way. You can demonstrate strong communication skills and most importantly, in respect- and trustful manner.

Applications incl. CV and references shall be sent by mail to [email protected]