Weekly Update #63

Things that happened last week

- Preparation for governance launch.

- Optimizations for gRPC API nodes.

- General UI tweaks.

- Coordinating with projects looking to utilize SiennaLaunch.

- Preparation for the launch of new rewards pools and incentives.

SIENNA Staking Migration

The new SIENNA staking pool was launched on Tuesday, September 13. Having staked SIENNA in the new pool is a requirement for governance participation, and improves users’ odds of securing SiennaLaunch IDO seats. If you have not already done so, please migrate your staked SIENNA to the new pool.

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SiennaSwap Router is Live

The SiennaSwap router went live on Tuesday, September 13. SiennaSwap users can now efficiently swap between assets that do not have direct pairs or sufficient liquidity.

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Sienna Network Forum Launched

The Sienna Network Forum went live on Thursday, September 15. The Forum is a place where the community can congregate to engage in impactful, organized discussions about Sienna Network.

💙 Join the conversation:

👉 http://forum.sienna.network

Secret Network Chain Halt

The Secret Network chain unexpectedly came to a halt on Monday, September 12. The halt was caused by validators running two different versions of the Secret Network binary. This resulted in a temporary service outage for Sienna products that lasted for a few hours.

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Secret Network Shockwave Delta Upgrade

The next major Secret Network upgrade—Shockwave Delta — is happening this week (Wednesday, September 21). This upgrade will bring CosmWasm 1.0 compatibility to Secret Network. This will result in SNIP tokens (such as SIENNA) becoming IBC-enabled (which opens the door to moving SIENNA across the Cosmos IBC ecosystem).

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SiennaLaunch — the IBC launchpad: Open Invitation

As we approach the mainnet release of SiennaLaunch (the IBC launchpad), we are extending an open invitation to ALL new projects building on IBC-enabled chains. We would love to discuss what SiennaLaunch can do for your project.

💙 If you are building a project on an IBC chain, please fill out the SiennaLaunch IDO interest form