Weekly Update #60

Things that happened last week

- LP-SHD-stkd-SCRT to launch today with SHD rewards.

- Governance expected to launch today or tomorrow.

- New SIENNA staking pool used for governance and SiennaLaunch expected to launch today or tomorrow.

- SiennaLaunch is ready. Awaiting final confirmation of details for the first project to go on it before it becomes available in the front end.

- Audit completed for new rewards which includes features like bonding and unbonding periods, which can be used to reduce circulating supply of certain tokens such as SIENNA.

- Moved to gRPC for the new front end launch.

- Dedicated staking page done and to be launched this week.

- Bug fixes & improvements, such as faster queries.

Sienna is Now Available on Mobile Devices

Fina Cash — the first mobile wallet for the Secret Network ecosystem — is live!

Users can now access Sienna through the Fina Cash app to privately:
🔄 Swap
💰 Provide Liquidity
🏦 Borrow & Lend

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New SHD LP Incentives on SiennaSwap

The stkd-SCRT / SHD LP pair on SiennaSwap will be incentivized with SHD rewards starting today (August 29) 🔥.

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SiennaLaunch — the IBC launchpad: Open Invitation

As we approach the mainnet release of SiennaLaunch (the IBC launchpad), we are extending an open invitation to ALL new projects building on IBC-enabled chains. We would love to discuss what SiennaLaunch can do for your project. Our DMs are always open 💙.

If you are building a project on an IBC chain, please fill out the SiennaLaunch IDO interest form