Weekly Update #54

Things that happened this week

- Moving siennajs to the frontend as compatibility with production builds occurred.

- SiennaSwap router is ready. Will go live as soon as siennajs is updated.

- SiennaLaunch audit report expected this week.

- More work on SiennaLaunch frontend.

- Adding new IBC projects to the wrapping site. Expected to go live this week.

- Additional testing for governance.

- SIENNA staking pool one transaction migration will be tested in the next few days before mainnet.

Boosted seSCRT SiennaSwap & SiennaLend rewards

seSCRT is StakeEasy’s first DeFi product live on mainnet. seSCRT is a staking derivative that auto-compounds users’ staked SCRT while allowing their staked SCRT to be seamlessly transferred between wallets and used in DeFi applications.

New rewards allocations:
SiennaLend seSCRT market — 50 SIENNA / day.
SiennaSwap (sSCRT-seSCRT pair) — 30 seSCRT / day.

Read blog post for more information

Community Trivia Night #4

Our fourth Community Trivia Night took place on Friday July 15. The theme for the fourth Community Trivia Night was the Cosmos Hub/Cosmos ecosystem. We will be hosting weekly Community Trivia Nights every Friday at 18:00 UTC. Each week will feature a different theme. Join us for Friday night trivia, fun, and the chance to win Sienna merch!

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SiennaLaunch — the IBC launchpad: Open Invitation

As we approach the mainnet release of SiennaLaunch (the IBC launchpad), we are extending an open invitation to ALL new projects building on IBC-enabled chains. We would love to discuss what SiennaLaunch can do for your project. Our DMs are always open 💙.