Weekly Update #53

Here’s what has happened this week.

Things that happened this week

- siennajs was fixed. Now, final frontend changes are being done to the SiennaSwap router, governance and SiennaLaunch.

- SiennaLaunch is still undergoing auditing. Expected to be done this week.

- Final SiennaLaunch testnet deployment is going live in the next day or two.

- Backend tweaks for SiennaLaunch currently being completed.

seSCRT SiennaLend market launched

seSCRT is StakeEasy’s first DeFi product live on mainnet. seSCRT is a staking derivative that auto-compounds users’ staked SCRT while allowing their staked SCRT to be seamlessly transferred between wallets and used in DeFi applications.

Read here for more.

SiennaSwap liquid staking DeFi tutorial

Check out this video tutorial by Rebel DeFi:

Community Trivia Night #3

Our third Community Trivia Night took place on Friday July 8. The theme for the second Community Trivia Night was Secret Network. We will be hosting weekly Community Trivia Nights every Friday at 18:00 UTC. Each week will feature a different theme. Join us for Friday night trivia, fun, and the chance to win Sienna merch!

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Calling out IBC Gang

As we approach the mainnet release of SiennaLaunch, we are extending an open invitation to ALL new projects building on IBC-enabled chains. We would love to discuss what SiennaLaunch can do for your project.

Our DMs are always open 💙.