Weekly Update #50

Things that happened this week

- Final audit report for governance has been received. Getting ready for launch of governance this week.

- Smart contracts audit for SiennaLaunch in progress.

- More work on SiennaLaunch frontend.

- Optimizations for Fadroma.

- Final testing for SiennaSwap router in progress.

- Final tweaks to governance frontend.

CosmWasm v1.0 is on Secret Network Testnet

SCRTLabs developers have been working on implementing CosmWasn v1.0 on Secret Network for a few months. CosmWasm v1.0 is now working on an internal Secret Network testnet. When CosmWasm v1.0 is live on mainnet, all Secret Network “SNIP” tokens will become IBC enabled 👀. This means that SIENNA can finally be listed on DEXs such as Osmosis, Sifchain, Crescent, and so on 🚀.

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AMA with Stinky Raccoons NFT

The Stinky Raccoons NFT collection was created by a group of OG Secret Network community members. The collection features 1111 unique raccoons with various attributes and rarities. The AMA with the Stinky Raccoons NFT team took place on Thursday June 16.

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What’s Next?

- StakeEasy’s seSCRT (staking derivative) SiennaLend integration (in addition to incentives for seSCRT / sSCRT SiennaSwap LPs).

- As we approach the release of SiennaLaunch, we are looking to onboard projects to be amongst the inaugural cohort to utilize the launchpad.

That’s all for this week, see you next time ❤️.