Weekly Update #49

Things that happened this week

- Viewing key support for SiennaLend. Going live in production soon.

- Governance still undergoing auditing.

- Launchpad contracts expected to be submitted for auditing this week.

- SiennaSwap router needed a few changes and is expected to be ready in production this week.

- More work on the frontend across all platforms.

- More work on auto-compounding rewards for SiennaLend.


Secret Network had a major presence at the DCENTRAL Austin conference. Builders and community members converged on the city and spread the word about the importance of private smart contracts and privacy-preserving DeFi.

📸: https://twitter.com/johnbrodish

📸: https://twitter.com/SecretNetwork

Sienna Community Love ❤️

@sienna_network - $sienna at $3.5MM, only 10M max supply. First class privacy #dex and #lend platform, bridges, #ibc wrapping,

@SiennaKnights and they keep shipping during bear.

What’s Next?

  • StakeEasy’s seSCRT (staking derivative) SiennaLend integration (in addition to incentives for seSCRT / sSCRT SiennaSwap LPs).
  • Continuing outreach to projects that could benefit from utilizing SiennaLaunch.

seSCRT (StakeEasy Staking Derivative) is now available on @sienna_network as well

That’s all for this week, see you next time ❤️