Weekly Update #43

Things that happened this week

- SiennaLend launched on mainnet April 29.

- $SHD LP rewards added to sSCRT / stkd-SCRT pool on SiennaSwap.

- $ALTER LP rewards added to the ALTER / SIENNA pool on SiennaSwap.

- Sienna Network integration on DefiLlama.

- Sienna Knights early access to SiennaLend.

- New revamped UI/UX for the entire Sienna Network website front end.

- Final SiennaLend audit report uploaded to the website.

- More work on governance front end.

SiennaLend Live on Mainnet

SiennaLend launched on mainnet April 29. SiennaLend is the first lending protocol on Secret Network, and the first-ever private lending protocol anywhere. Privately borrow and lend IBC/ETH/BSC assets (as well as XMR).


➡️ Check out this SiennaLend feature article on the Secret Network blog:


➡️ Also check out this comprehensive SiennaLend user guide:


➡️ TechCrunch article on SiennaLend:


➡️ Final SiennaLend Audit by Halborn:


SHD and ALTER LP Rewards are Live on SiennaSwap

The sSCRT / stkd-SCRT pool on SiennaSwap has been incentivized with SHD LP rewards. 100 SHD per day is allocated for LP rewards for the first 4 weeks (dropping to 30 SHD per day after the first 4 weeks), with a total rewards allocation of 6000 SHD.

➡️ Read more here:


The ALTER / SIENNA pool on SiennaSwap has been incentivized with ALTER LP rewards. 340 ALTER per day is allocated for LP rewards, with a total rewards allocation of 110,000 ALTER.

➡️ Read more here:


Sienna Network Listed on DefiLlama

DefiLlama is an open-source total value locked (TVL) aggregator for decentralized finance protocols. DefiLlama is now tracking Sienna Network TVL changes and providing analytics.

➡️ Read more here:


What’s Next?

- Exploring additional value accrual mechanisms for the SIENNA token.

- Continuing work on SiennaLaunch and the SiennaDAO governance framework.

- Spreading awareness for SiennaLend.