Weekly Update #40

Things that happened this week

  • Launch date for SiennaLend is set to April 27, but will likely launch a day or two after depending on the Secret Network chain upgrade taking place the same day. Read more here.
  • More work on governance front-end integration with the smart contracts.
  • More work on SiennaLend front-end.
  • More work on the assets page, allowing easier overview of assets on Sienna.
  • Testnet deployment for the SiennaLend sl-SSCRT rewards and front-end testing.
  • More work on SiennaLaunch front-end.
  • A new UX for main navigation across the front-end is done.
  • Implementation of LP rewards in tokens other than SIENNA is ready.

wSIENNA Switchere fiat on-ramp

Switchere allows users to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a few simply steps using credit and debit cards.

Users can purchase wSIENNA directly on SiennaSwap or through Switchere.

Sienna Knights NFT holders enjoyed an exclusive beta access period.

Read more here.

Partnership with CyberAgents NFT

Sienna Knights NFT holders will be airdropped the CyberAgents NFT $CYB token in Q3, 2022. 🎉

Participate in the Twitter giveaway contest! ⬇️



The AMA with ALTER took place on Monday Apri 4 in the Sienna Network Telegram channel. Here is the recap:

Host: The most recent ALTER update introduced group chats. Could you elaborate on other features introduced in this update?

Oskars: We’ve work a lot in the past months to deliver new features to our users and expand ALTER’s utility.

The chatting will allow now for any user to kick-start an individual or group chat with other ALTER users. So far we’ve already onboarded a lot of projects from the Secret Network and IBC to host their community chats.

Host: Are there any resources available for onboarding new communities and groups to ALTER?

Oskars: We’re currently supporting anyone through our ALTER community chat on ALTER itself, as well explaining how to kick-start the chat with an easy video provided by our Community Manager on Discord, as well we have published a blog post of the change log here: https://blog.altermail.live/weve-deployed-our-2-product-update-2c81403faa45

So users can easily understand what is new and how to quickly create a chat for themselves.

Host: You recently introduced a new 2022 Roadmap. Could you please go over the features you’re planning on releasing this year? Which feature are you personally most excited for?

Oskars: For sure! I think one of the important things in Q2 is the enhancement of the chats and address book that will replicate most of the features that Discord/Telegram offers as well we will be launching our mobile apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store!

We’re working towards a non-native for Android in April and then end of Q2 the iOS native application with a slick design and easy to use! This will rapidly change how people can communicate and present alternative for secure and private messaging.

As you might know, each user owns their encryption keys, this means, all the data is on user side to manage and access.

Our goal this year is to be in a position that services on G-Suite/Microsoft Teams/Discord/Slack can already be replaced. Especially when there will be file management tools and voice calls with videos, as well presenting avatar from your owned NFTs via Keplr Wallet.

Towards the access of ALTER: we’ll be ready in April to launch the stake and access feature. It means that any staker on our validator on Secret Network, with X amount tokens, will be able to onboard and use it for free.

This same approach goes to every single validator on Cosmos ecosystem.

So we can capture this mass adoption in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Host: The roadmap mentions “enhanced file management and storage”. Is this similar to what JACKAL is doing, or is this specific to in-app file sharing between ALTER users?

Oskars: This is specific to in-app fiel sharing between the ALTER users and individually, enabling to easily store and use different service providers like JACKAL’s including. As we’re planning to be the first dapp to integrate the JACKAL’s into ALTER. Currently we’re using Storj as a service of storage for our users. This feature will replicate a Dropbox a-like feature.

You will be able to create folders, name them, upload files, easily to share and send, as well download.

Host: Could you please elaborate on your plans for the ALTER token revenue sharing model?

Oskars: As you know we’ve launched our $ALTER product and governance token. Our plan for Q2 is to launch our token revenue reward system for our liquidity providers, as well referral/affiliate program members once we gonna launch these in Q2. The idea is to give the benefit to the token holders not only from just staking or just LP pool rewards but actually incentivizing the part of shared revenue. That will allow ALTER to expand rapidly as well it will grow the demand for $ALTER token since we will be transforming different other tokens from the revenue into $ALTER.

As $ALTER is a non-inflationary token, the value will always come from the product development and utilities. The more we will bring to the platform, the bigger the traction, the bigger the revenue sharing reward system will be.

More details about that will come in April.

Host: What is the e-mail bridge? Will users be able to export data from their Web 2 e-mail service providers, such as Gmail for example?

Oskars: The e-mail bridge will work as a way how ALTER users can send securely and privately outside of ALTER’s closed network.

Any G-mail type of user will receive a hyperlink that will direct to ALTER platform where that specific message will be seen. There will be a specialized PIN code also delivered to the Gmail user. He will be able to read and respond to the message.

Host: For those who aren’t familiar with ALTER. What are the advantages of using ALTER as opposed to other platforms such as Telegram, for example?

Oskars: The most important thing is that the ALTER is non-custodial platform, we don’t know who are the users, we don’t collect any data, the platform doesn’t use any cookies. This also is connected that every user holds and owns their encryption keys, allowing the user to be completely anonymous as ALTER do not have any access to the messages that are being shared. At the moment many applications either are not using encryption or if they do, they do not share the encryption key. Some projects might be open source but you will never know what is actually deployed to the server. That is why ALTER is making sure that user owning the encryption key makes use private by default unlike other apps.

As well bringing in the web3, like Keplr wallet integration, easy to use with a slick design. Any user I would say can easily kick-start with ALTER and start messaging and share files!

[Full AMA and subsequent questions from the community can be found on Telegram]