Weekly Update #37

Things that happened this week

- SiennaLend was deployed on testnet. Final tweaks to the code are being completed after receiving the initial audit report draft from Halborn.

- Final code submission post audit report feedback expected in the coming week.

- SiennaLend integration into the front end. Expected completion in the coming week.

- Preparation for router integration for SiennaSwap.

- SiennaDAO code complete but will potentially be abstracted out of the rewards code in order to launch it sooner.

- SiennaDAO front end close to finished.

- SiennaLaunch smart contracts in final stages of development.

- Direct fiat gateway integration complete and is expected to launch in the coming week.

- Preparation for supporting other reward tokens for a given reward pair.

Secret Network SNIP tokens will become IBC-compatible

Thanks to SCRT Labs, SNIP tokens (including SIENNA) will become IBC-compatible in the very near future. This will unlock a wide array of new possibilities for development and expanding partnerships within the broader IBC/Cosmos community (including potentially listing SIENNA on Osmosis, Astroport, TerraSwap, Mars Protocol, JunoSwap, etc.).

Check out this Twitter thread by Assaf Morami, Lead Software Engineer at SCRT Labs:


Also check out this development update from SCRT Labs:


Sienna Knights NFT Launch

The Sienna Knights NFT mint took place on March 17 at 20:00 UTC. The public mint sold out in just 45 minutes! 🚀. The reserved whitelist mint sold out soon after. The Sienna Knights DAO is currently in development. Once finished, Sienna Knights holders will gain membership into the DAO, where they will be able to vote on initiatives/future direction. The DAO will receive funding from secondary sales in perpetuity.


Check out the Sienna Knights NFT website:

Sienna Knights NFTs are available for purchase on Stashh:

Sienna Discuss

Sienna Discuss are AMA/community feedback sessions where the community can mingle with the core contributors to Sienna Network and provide feedback on products, areas of strength/areas that need improvement, as well as potential future initiatives.

March 11: How can SiennaSwap Improve?

Key takeaways:

- Add labels to the AMM V1/V2, Rewards V2/V3 toggles in order to make it easier for novice users to find their liquidity.

- Simplify error messages.

- Continue expanding partnerships within the broader Cosmos ecosystem/continue listing new tokens.

March 16: Sienna Knights NFTs

- General discussion about the Sienna Knights NFT mint.

What’s Next?

- Marketing push in the works, which will coincide with upcoming product releases.

- Exploring new partnerships and expanding on existing ones.

- Sienna Knights NFT DAO is in development. Details TBA this coming week.