Weekly Update #36

Back again with another update. Let’s dive right in.

Things that happened this week

- Internal draft audit report received from SiennaLend. Minor modifications are now being applied.

- More work on SiennaLend front end.

- More work on SiennaDAO front end.

- More work on SiennaLaunch smart contracts.

- SiennaDAO V1 is complete and testing is being done. It will be launched together with a feature packed Rewards V4 in Q2 as they are dependant on each other.

- Optimizations for internal deployment infrastructure to speed up deployments.

- Persisted permits encrypted on localstorage is coming soon.

- siennajs upgrade, secretjs upgrade and gRPC is now being tested in the front end in a staging environment, which should improve the performance of the platform.

- More marketing coming.

SiennaSwap LP Rewards Update

A 10% point increase in LP rewards has been added to Rewards V3 (from Rewards V2). V3 now has 100% of the total LP rewards allocation, while V2 has 0% remaining. Rewards V2 is now deprecated and will no longer pay out any LP rewards. To migrate from Rewards V2 to V3, please follow this guide (click on “this”).

Query Permits enabled on SiennaSwap

Query Permits are now supported on SiennaSwap. Query Permits are a more user-friendly method to authenticate queries (in comparison with Viewing Keys). SiennaSwap users now have the option of enabling Query Permits. To do so, users can follow this guide (click on “this”).

Sienna Knights NFT Update

Sienna Knights website is live!
Come check it out: https://siennaknights.com

Mint date: March 17, 2022 at 20:00 UTC
Total supply: 222 Knights

Don’t forget to participate in the ongoing Sienna Knights whitelist giveaway contest!


Check out the Sienna Knights NFT trailer:

AMA with Anthea 3999

Anthea is a collection of 6150 3D NFTs that collectively make up the Anthea Comics and Metaverse.

The AMA with the Anthea team happened this Tuesday (March 8). Here is the recap:

Host: Let us begin this AMA by having you tell us a little bit about yourselves. When did your crypto journeys begin?

Tareg: Sup y’all, personally I started to hear and talk about crypto in 2015 but never went deep into it until early 2021, when Saeros proposed to me to start this project.

Saeros: My crypto journey started very early. I got interested in it and started studying the Bitcoin litepaper in 2013 even if I invested only in late 2016. From then the Crypto space changed a lot and it’s nice to see how the community has grown.

Astra: I started investing in crypto since 2019, thanks to Saeros. Since that time I’ve been very passionate about crypto space and blockchains technologies.

Host: When did you begin creating NFTs? Is Anthea your first venture into the NFT space?

Saeros: This is our first NFT project as a team. Before starting we spent a lot of time studying successful projects and learning what we needed for providing something valuable for the Community. We started creating Anthea in the summer of 2021 and now we have the goal to make the best quality and functional project for our Community!

Host: What is Anthea 3999?

Astra: Anthea 3999 is a collection consisting of 6150 NFTs. The collection is composed by the Anthean characters you will find in the comics. These NFTs will represent the characters with all the 300+ features, also the pose will change, to make the character more personal and different from the other collection!

Host: What was the inspiration behind the Anthea branding?

Tareg: We were inspired by project like Star Atlas on Solana, Halo for video games and other strong gaming brands. The result is a mix of vibes from Cyberpunk, with a background like Halo and a built-from-scratch story that makes us different and unique!

Leaving aside video games we worked hard to be sure to give a soul and a personality to the entire project. Everything was studied in depth, from the colors, to fonts, naming, logos and everything else, this just to make sure everything is related and harmonious.

Host: Can you please provide a brief breakdown of the different rarities?

Saeros: The total supply is 6150, but to the public only 6000 NFT will be available. They are randomly generated and represent the characters you’ll find on Anthea.We have 3 species. Survivors are the most common being 60% of the total with 3690 pieces, Glitchers account for 30% with 1845 pieces. Finally Arkans make up the last 10% of supply with 615 pieces.

Astra: The entire collection is focused on the characters that you’ll find in the story. These are “divided” in 3 different species that have different traits and “purpose” in life. The first one are the Survivors, these are the 2nd generation of the Antheans who survived after the Arkans landing and K-Wars. The second are the Glitchers, these are Antheans who decided to increase the power and strength with cyborg parts to fight the Arkans. Finally the Arkans, this species is from another planet. They had to leave because their solar system was collapsing. One of the ships of the fleet, however, due to an alleged miscalculation, goes off course and lands on the planet Anthea.

Host: What is the Anthea Metaverse?

Tareg: The Anthea Metaverse will be the last known city on Anthea, KALAF, known now as ARKANA. This place will be a social platform where you will be able to walk through the city, interact with people but also buy/sell real estates, objects and more things. Also daily activities and quest will be added. Btw all this will be available more in detail in a litepaper only for the metaverse.

Host: In your opinion, what impact will the Anthea 3999 NFT collection have on the Secret/Sienna Network ecosystems?

Saeros: We think Anthea will bring more people from different chains to Secret and Sienna. We are planning to launch a % of the supply also on Solana and Terra in order to increase and diversify our Community.

Host: How can Sienna utilize the Anthea community, and vice versa?

Astra: We think that going cross-chain and doing some collaborations between us could benefit to both the communities. Just this AMA will benefit definitely to us and we hope also for Sienna.

[Full AMA and subsequent questions from the community can be found on Telegram]

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What’s Next?

As we inch closer to the launch of SiennaLend, we will be placing a heavy emphasis on marketing efforts.

Stay tuned for more!