Weekly Update #35

Things that happened this week

- SiennaLend smart contracts still undergoing auditing and should be complete in the next week or two.

- SiennaLend front end work.

- SiennaDAO front end work.

- SiennaSwap bug fixes and tweaks.

- Preparation for upgrading secretjs on SiennaSwap and using new node infrastructure to improve performance.

- SiennaDAO smart contracts done and will be deployed on testnet soon. SiennaDAO will be dependant on a new rewards update that will come feature packed in a few months as it taps into the SIENNA staking pool. More on this soon.

- Preparation for website and SiennaSwap app translation.

Query Permits enabled on SiennaSwap

Query Permits are a more user-friendly method to authenticate queries (in comparison to Viewing Keys). SiennaSwap users now have the option of enabling Query Permits. To do so, users can follow this guide (click on “this”).

New IBC Integrations and SiennaSwap Listings

Chihuahua Chain and JUNO Network are now available on SiennaSwap. Users can deposit native HUAHUA/JUNO using the SiennaSwap IBC bridge and wrap them into sHUAHUA/sJUNO using the SiennaSwap IBC wrapping tool. Users can also trade sHUAHUA/sJUNO on SiennaSwap-SIENNA<>sHUAHUA/sJUNO pools have been seeded with initial liquidity.

SiennaSwap LP Rewards Update

A 10% point increase in LP rewards has been added to Rewards V3 (from Rewards V2). V3 now has 90% of the total LP rewards allocation, while V2 has 10% remaining. The final 10% of rewards from V2 will be migrated to V3 this week. In 1 week, V3 will have 100% of the LP rewards allocation, and V2 will be deprecated and no longer pay out any LP rewards.

What’s Next?

As we approach the launch of new major product releases (such as SiennaLend, SiennaDAO, SiennaLaunch) our focus is shifting towards raising awareness for these developments. The Sienna community can expect a gradual increase in marketing efforts over the coming weeks.

Check out this Twitter thread highlighting Sienna’s vision and future plans