Weekly Update #33

Things that happened this week

- SiennaSwap AMM V2 and Rewards V3 released.

- More work on SiennaLend front end.

- Governance smart contracts in final stages of development.

- UI/UX for governance in development.

- Bug fixes for SiennaSwap front end.

- Implementation of query permits for LP tokens in AMM V2. Coming to the front end soon.

- SiennaLend auditing in progress.


This week marked the fourth week of our semi-weekly AMAs. Join us in the Sienna Network Telegram channel every Tuesday and Thursday for educational AMAs with individuals and teams developing exciting new projects on Secret Network.

AMA with BlackBox

BlackBox is a collection of dApps built by Trivium that aim to combine privacy and convenience to empower Web3 users.

The AMA with Lumi from the BlackBox team happened this Tuesday (February 15). Here is the recap:

Host: Let us begin this AMA by having you tell us a little bit about yourself. When did your crypto journey begin?

Lumi: Hi everyone! My crypto journey actually started back in ETH. I was learning solidity and trying to make dApps there, but I could never get past the lack of security. I felt like it was way too limiting, so when I happened upon Secret, I knew I had to switch over.

Host: What is BlackBox?

Lumi: BlackBox is a collection of dApps (a box if you will) that make leverage the privacy features of Secret so it’s easier to stay anonymous and preserve your privacy. It started out as just a mixer, but overtime I found more holes in the ecosystem I felt needed to be filled in order to stay anonymous conveniently. So I decided to make it into a full package, brought the idea to Xiph, the other cofounder of Trivium, and together we turned it into a working product.

Host: What is Cloak?

Lumi: Cloak is our mixer dApp. It’s designed to let you start fresh with a new wallet, with no transactions to link you to your old address. While you can send all your snip20s over to the new address anonymously, you need some SCRT as gas to get started, but that’s a public coin, so sending it normally will link you to your old address. Cloak in essence breaks that link.

Host: What is DeadDrop?

Lumi: DeadDrop is a dApp that allows you to make aliases you can give to others to receive funds, rather than giving your address. This adds an extra layer of security that’s much needed on the network. Similar to the sub-addresses on Monero.

Host: What was the inspiration behind the BlackBox branding?

Lumi: I decided that it encapsulates the privacy features of these tools. A blackbox is something that operates in such a way that no outside force can observe what’s going on inside or tamper with it. These dApps protect the users from exterior prying eyes. Only you know where your funds are being directed.

Host: Are there any other dApps planned for BlackBox?

Lumi: There are! On our website there’s a box with 3 question marks. I want have a bit of surprise factor when they launch, but for now, I can say it involves leveraging the privacy capabilities of Secret with ETH. There’s a couple different functions in there, but that’s the overarching theme.

Host: How can the Sienna community utilize the BlackBox dApps, and vice versa?

Lumi: Well, anyone in every community will be able to find some value in them. Sienna is a private DEX, but often to get fund to the network in the first place you need a CEX, which can often be linked to your personal info. Cloak will let you start fresh and take full advantage of Siennas privacy. And considering many of you have the intention of sending and receiving tokens, you may want DeadDrop to give you that extra layer of privacy so no prying eyes can take notice of you. The two communities really go hand-in-hand I believe. So much can be leveraged between them.

Host: What are your long-term goals and ambitions for BlackBox?

Lumi: I’m so glad you asked this because I’m quite excited about it myself. We’ve been talking with a couple wallet makers in the network who may be integrating DeadDrop aliases directly into them, so you won’t even need to go directly to our website. You can just type in the alias in place of an address, the wallet will query it to make sure it exists, and then you will be able to send tokens natively. It’s that easy!

[Full AMA and subsequent questions from the community can be found on Telegram]

AMA with SecretDAO

SecretDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that serves to extend voting power on Secret Network while simultaneously empowering creators deploying DAOs.

The AMA with Mr. Minded, Ian, Leon, and Jacob from the SecretDAO team happened this Thursday (February 17). Here is the recap:

Host: Let us begin this AMA by having you tell us a little bit about yourselves. When did your crypto journeys begin?

Ian: Good morning everyone. So I’m Ian and my crypto journey began in 2011 after starting a bitcoin mining company in Vegas.

Mr. Minded: My crypto journey began around 15 years ago when a buddy of mine was getting into Bitcoin mining.

Leon: Good morning all. I’m relatively new to the crypto scene in comparison to some of the other veterans out there, but really my journey began last year when a guy created a bitcoin mining company in Vegas in 2011 and decided to hire me to do product design last year.

Host: What is SecretDAO?

Ian: SecretDAO is DAO creation tooling for communities.

Leon: SecretDAO is a DAO generation platform, in which users can simply and easily have access to creating some of the core functionalities of a DAO. Things like creating tokens, allocating tokens, and building DAO treasuries are some of the things that can be done on this platform. Furthermore, it allows for a medium where they can initiate proposals, vote on proposals, and take other governance actions with their communities. Kind of like skipping the need for developing these types of things.

Host: What was the inspiration behind the SecretDAO idea?

Ian: It started simply as a way to empower an artist who had an existing collection, in this case Mr Minded with Ample Agents Collection. Adding governance and other features as an evolution of the collections utility seemed like a good collaboration of our skillsets. As we discussed more and more approached us about the idea, it was clear that we shouldn’t merely build this for a single collection.

Host: What is Cyclops Circus Inc.?

Mr. Minded: Cyclops Circus is a collection of different cyclops species offering utility with SecretDAO. Their one eye is representative of a centered perspective. The idea behind offering another collection aside from Ample Agents was to preserve their numbers and offer another way for new people to join.

Host: Will SecretDAO have a governance token?

Ian: SecretDAO would ideally have many governance tokens from the community. But it will also have a core governance token.

Host: What will the members of SecretDAO govern?

Ian: For the core DAO, stakeholders will govern the SecretDAO platform itself. They will be able to vote on things such as new features, incentive structures, etc.

Host: How can the Sienna community utilize the SecretDAO community, and vice versa?

Jacob: Once the tooling is released, any DAO governance tokens on the platform would benefit from getting their tokens available on swap platforms such as sienna.

Ian: there could also be cool opportunities to get sienna art in some of these collections which seems like a cool way to collaborate.

Host: What are your long-term goals and ambitions for SecretDAO?

Leon: As we move far enough through creating the DAO tooling, we plan to foster a core group of DAOs with functionality that can support the needs of a wider ecosystem of DAOs. On top of that, we want to try and revolutionize the way we support our communities and creators. Making sure that artists and creators aren’t drowned out in the millions of other communities out there is something that we can try to solve with SecretDAO. Allowing for these communities to scale as they grow can help them NOT get drowned out and instead, grow to reach their full potential. Of course, we aren’t going to dive fully into it yet as we’re not ready, but in a nutshell, something like this.

[Full AMA and subsequent questions from the community can be found on Telegram]