Weekly Update #29

Back again with another update. Let’s dive right in.

Here’s what has happened this week.

Public sale for Alter — hosted by Sienna

ALTER is a blockchain-based communications dApp built on the Secret Network. ALTER offers an alternative to traditional email and chat by providing a secure and decentralized product to manage your messages, files and calendar in total privacy. $ALTER is ALTER’s native utility and governance token.

Public Sale closes on 27 Jan 2022, 12:00 UTC, or when all $ALTER tokens are sold out

Find out more at: https://alter.sienna.network/

You might be able to guess what Sienna is planning to launch soon based on this collaboration. Stay tuned…

Introducing Elie (aka NodeVine🍇) Sienna’s new Community Manager!

Elie has been in the Secret ecosystem since its beginning. He will play a crucial role in growing and engaging the Sienna community and beyond! 🚀

An AMA with Elie happened this Friday. Here is the recap:

Host: Elie, we are super excited to welcome you as Sienna Network Community manager. You are an OG in the Secret Network community and known by many of the community members. We will start out with some questions for Elie and then open the mic for everyone afterwards

Elie: It’s a pleasure to be here! Very excited to get started

Host: Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into crypto

Elie: I am currently running a validator node for Secret Network. My initial involvement in crypto came about through the Enigma Ambassadors program back in 2017–2018, during my early undergrad years. I have been involved in crypto in various different capacities since then. On a more personal note, I love collecting NFTs, reading and watching sports!

Host: Love it! You are a true pioneer here. What is so fascinating about crypto?

Elie: Beyond the paradigm shift that crypto has caused in global financial markets, what is most fascinating to me is the community aspect of it. I find it fascinating that so many strangers can get together on Telegram/Discord and work collectively as a unit to further shared goals and ideals. In crypto you will find that there is a direct correlation between project success and community strength.

Host: Very true! You have been an early adopter of Secret Network and Sienna Network — why have you been so active in these communities?

Elie: I believe that Secret Network is emerging as a leader in Web3 (both in technology and community), and will continue to lead for the foreseeable future. As one of the earliest dApps developed on Secret Network, Sienna Network is primed for explosive growth. Sienna will be a trailblazer in DeFi.

Host: Again, very true :) See guys, this is the spirit. As a community manager, what will you do and at what channels?

Elie: My main focus will be to grow the community and make it more engaging and fun to be a member of the Sienna community. I will be hosting AMAs with Secret Network participants regularly on both Telegram and Discord. I will also be running various community-building initiatives (including contests!) on Telegram/Discord/Twitter.

Host: That’s amazing. We will all be looking forward to it. You even took it to the next level by setting up and running your own node on the network. Are you a techie or just a fast learner? Or both?

Elie: I do not have a technical background, so initially I received a lot of help from a number of technical community members (thank you Gmail, Dan, Luigi, Igor, Ian). Since then I have learned the ins and outs of node-running, but I will still ask for help occasionally! So… if you are not technical, do not let that stop you from trying new things!

Host: That’s right. Be curious and brave. Your node is called NodeVine. Are you a wine lower or are you more referring to being devine? :)

Elie: The name NodeVine was interesting to me because of the shape of a grapevine (a set of individual modules connected to a bigger system, much like nodes on a blockchains). Not that I do not enjoy the occasional glass of wine!

Host: Very clever :) You have been quite active and engaged in the Secret and Sienna Network communities. What is driving you with all this engagement?

Elie: Community. I have met some incredible individuals in the Secret and Sienna communities who have motivated me and pushed me to be my best self, which has in turn strengthened my conviction and resolve to do what is in my power to support the growth of Secret and Sienna. Again, one cannot underestimate the importance of strong communities.

Host: Yes, we really have an amazing community with lots of love. Let’s make it even stronger!

I’d follow Elie to Mordor —Community Member

Host: You have been active in this space for a while now. How do you see the future for Secret and Sienna Network?

Elie: I strongly believe that Secret Network will be the leading L1 solution in crypto in the near future. I also strongly believe that Sienna Network will be the leading force in DeFi in the near future. Success is imminent.

Host: We all love success! What role will Sienna Network play in all the new Dapps that pops up at the network?

Elie: Sienna Network will undoubtedly play a significant role with new dApps launching on Secret Network. From initial bootstrapping to providing liquidity and compliance solutions and exposure, Sienna Network will be a key component for the success of new dApps.

Host: Amazing! Thank you so much Elie. Again, we are thrilled to have you here and are looking forward to a lot of great sessions and engagement.

[Subsequent questions from the community can be found on Telegram]

Other things that happened this week

- More testing of the upcoming Rewards V3 migration

- The launch of Rewards V3 also comes with another big awaited launch — SiennaSwap 2.0 front end! An entirely new experience with a few surprises included

- More work and testing to the swap router

- More work on finalizing the interest rate models before submission to in depth auditing of the lending contracts next week

That’s it for this week! 🚀 🖤