Weekly Update #28

Back again with another update. Let’s dive right in.

Here’s what has happened this week.

- “Protecting PII: A Sienna Series” was published this week: https://medium.com/sienna-network/protecting-pii-series-6f9cedd1da72

- $360M in cumulative volume on SiennaSwap so far 🚀

- Preparation and testing for Rewards V3 migration later this month

- More work on SiennaSwap 2.0 including support for rewards V2 and V3

- More work on SiennaLend interest models to be completed in the upcoming week

- Auditor has confirmed start of in-depth auditing of lending contracts January 24th, which is the earliest available. This means SiennaLend is set to launch in February 🚀

- Audit report for Rewards V3 is complete and will be shared publicly a few days before launch

That’s it for this week! 🚀 🖤