November 2021

Weekly Update #19

SiennaSwap stats

- $144M in cumulative volume! πŸš€

- Earn up to 240% APR! Most pairs still have APRs well beyond 100%





Rewards V3

For some people rewards V2 have been acting erratically and is often hard to understand. Minor bugs in V3 have been ironed out and significant improvements are coming to V3.

Rewards V3 code will be public for anyone to inspect, undergo through testing and go through auditing before entering mainnet.

Some of the features in V3 include:

- Auto claim on deposit/withdraw

- Auto-restake on single-sided staking

- Reset all user history on claim, no rolling averages, reward share calculated on the basis of your current participation only

- Reduced complexity of calculations, enhanced procedures for validation of correct behavior



Other things contributors to Sienna Network have worked on this week:

- Multiple exchange coming this month

- New partnerships, some of which announced soon

- More testing of SiennaSwap 2.0. Expected launch in the new few weeks

- More work on SiennaLend front end

- More work on SiennaLend smart contracts

- Front end finished for the useful tool pages (coming after IBC)

- UI/UX for governance across all Sienna platforms underway



That’s all for this week! See you next time.