October 2021

Weekly Update #17

Sienna is working on getting listed on more exchanges.

New listings coming soon πŸš€


SiennaSwap stats

- SiennaSwap has reached $18.6M in TVL πŸš€

- $61M in cumulative volume πŸš€



Other things that happened this week:

- Research and developments toward an updated an more efficient rewards logic

- SiennaSwap 2.0 front end is getting close to ready. Testing in the upcoming week.

- More work on SiennaLend

- Minor fixes and improvements on SiennaSwap 1.0 front end

- UI/UX tweaks for SiennaLend.

- Front end work for SiennaLend, which is soon ready to be integrated with the smart contracts


That’s it for this time! See you in the next one!