September 2021

Weekly Dev. Update #14 Special Edition

This is probably the development update everyone has been waiting for.

Wen launch? πŸš€ Wen lunch?


SiennaSwap will launch October 7th 1pm UTC!! πŸš€

What will happen in the days up until launch?

- A final testnet version will be uploaded Monday

- Preparing support for the IBC mainnet upgrade in October

- Marketing push

- Front end penetration testing

Other things that happened this week:

- More work on SiennaLend (everyone internally is hyped about the way it looks πŸ”₯)

- More work on SiennaSwap 2.0 front end (launch of the new design is expected to be a few weeks after SiennaSwap

- Awaiting Coingecko adding circulating supply / market cap data. Should happen soon as they have received an API source to use.

Get ready! It’s happening! Remember the early birds will earn high yields from liquidity farming.

Stay tuned for next week!