September 2021

Weekly Dev. Update #12

In this week’s development update the latest news around the upcoming launch is shared.

- Final testnet version is done
Unexpected behavior with errors while uploading the build to holodeck-2 has been bothering the team all week. Maintainers of holodeck-2 are looking into and should have a solution shortly

Preparing deployment on supernova (the IBC enabled testnet) as well, which requires upgrading different dependencies and changing a few APIs in the deployment library. ETA early next week

Once the builds successfully upload to testnet it can be tested with the front end for a day or two before setting an imminent launch date for mainnet! 🚀

As you can probably tell from the above it is getting closer than ever.
Here’s other things that happened:

- Added support for SIENNA staking which will be live at the launch of SiennaSwap!
- Front end development of SiennaSwap 2.0
- More work on Sienna Lend

Until next time! 🚀