July 2021

Weekly Dev. Update #06

In this week’s development update we share more news about the fix for the rewards logic and many of the other exciting developments going on.

  • Simulation of rewards logic has been made with 10.000 users in testing. The logic for the rewards will be shared openly with the community once completed.

Priorities remaining for the rewards:

  • Adding the new cooldown feature
  • Adding an “endgame mode” for when the RPT runs out

This should not take long and should hopefully be resolved in this coming week.

Other developments:

  • More work on SiennaLend.
  • A deeper dive into oracles for Secret Network that Sienna can utilize for SiennaSwap before the implementation begins shortly.
  • Full speed ahead with frontend development for SiennaSwap 2.0 + its new secret feature coming with it.
  • Minor UI/UX tweaks to SiennaSwap 2.0
  • Significant code optimization for SiennaSwap 1.0 is done. It was decided to audit the frontend code as well a few weeks back and the minor fixes have now been implemented, making it even better.

Outside of development you can read more about the difference between privacy and anonymity in CityAM here by Chief Evangelist and Core Contributor, Monty Munford:


That’s it for this week! Getting close! 🚀