July 2021

Weekly Dev. Update #05

In this week’s development update we share the status of getting closer to launch and the status on the rewards logic fix that was discovered some weeks ago.

  • Final pass of testing + refactoring of the fixes to the rewards logic. It has been an interesting process developing an algorithm that uses a fixed allocation budget contrary to minting. Final tests are being run and should be ready next week, which then will be sent to Certik for a auditing, which shouldn’t take long.

  • The refactoring has lead to implementing a couple of helper harness libraries and Rust traits that are now useful for other parts of the development, such as viewing keys helpers, reusable testing harness and simplified actions on SNIP-20 tokens.

  • UI/UX for SiennaSwap 2.0 + UI/UX SiennaSwap’s new secret features are completely done. Coding begins Monday for the implementation.

  • UI/UX for investor claim panel done. Implementation begins next week.

  • More work on SiennaLend

That’s it for this week! Until next time!