November 2021

Sienna Network partners with Stashhh

Secret NFTs are about to enter an explosive phase of growth due to its privacy enhancing features from Secret Network. Stashh, the first NFT marketplace on Secret Network is launching soon.

Sienna Network is proud to announce a partnership with Stashh to enable the SIENNA token as payment option on Stashh.

NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are unique tokens that contains rare or unique content. The NFTs prove ownership of the content and we have recently seen artists from digital art to movie makers auction these unique pieces in NFT formats. NFTs are a growing market and the demand increases rapidly and with the successful launch on AnonsNFT, a series of NFTs with avatars with anonymous faces that sold out almost instantly, and Quentin Tarantino auctioning 7 uncut scenes from his legendary movie Pulp Fiction, the private NFT space is positioned for explosive growth.

Stashh is the first NFT marketplace for private NFTs and is built on Secret Network, which is the same network as Sienna Network is built on. The new partnership enables users to use the SIENNA token to buy and sell private NFTs on Stashh and keep the content completely private.

Private NFTs comes with a number of benefits for creators and buyers. While creators can monetize and protect their IP, users have a trustless control over how they buy, use and sell their NFTs. It is up to the owner to decide whether its ownership should be revealed or not. This is a great security and protection of the IP asset.

Not only can you use SIENNA to privately buy and sell private NFTs on Stashh — the partnership also aims at future features and deeper collaboration. Curious what that might be? Maybe some special NFT collections or the launch of something…. secret? 🤫

Stay tuned for more — very soon! 🚀