Sienna Network partners with Chihuahua Chain to list HUAHUA on SiennaSwap

Sienna Network has partnered with Chihuahua Chain to bring sHUAHUA to SiennaSwap, marking the first time HUAHUA is made available for trading on a Secret Network DEX.

Chihuahua Chain is the first interoperable, Layer-1 Proof-of-Stake meme coin in the Cosmos ecosystem, boasting an impressive market capitalization of $300M and a thoroughly engaged community.

Users will be able to deposit native HUAHUA and wrap it into sHUAHUA using SiennaSwap’s IBC wrapping tool. Users will then be able to provide liquidity for the SIENNA-sHUAHUA pool and earn yield from trading fees.

How to Create a Viewing Key for sHUAHUA

Open your Keplr wallet, and select Secret Network from the network drop-down menu.

Click on the drop-down menu in the top left corner of the Keplr wallet extension, and select “Add Token”.

In the “Contract Address” field, type in the sHUAHUA contract address:
👉 secret1ntvxnf5hzhzv8g87wn76ch6yswdujqlgmjh32w

Click “Submit” and broadcast the transaction.

How to deposit native HUAHUA directly on SiennaSwap

Navigate to the “Wrap” page on the SiennaSwap app.

Using the “Wrap” drop-down menu, navigate to the “IBC” page and select “IBC Deposit”.

Select “HUAHUA” from the token list, then specify the amount you would like to deposit and broadcast the transaction by clicking the “Deposit” button.

How to wrap native HUAHUA into sHUAHUA directly on SiennaSwap

- Using the “Wrap” drop-down menu. navigate to the “Wrap” page.

- Click on “Wrap” and select the HUAHUA token and desired amount you would like to wrap into sHUAHUA.

- Click the “Wrap” button and broadcast the transaction.

How to provide liquidity for the SIENNA-sHUAUA pool

Navigate to “The Pool” page on the SiennaSwap app.

Find the “All Pairs” menu on the right side of “The Pool” page. Using the search bar in the “All Pairs” menu, search for the Sienna-sHUAHUA pair. You may also find the pair by scrolling all the way down.

Select the liquidity amount, approve token amounts (both SIENNA and sHUAHUA), and click provide.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for more information regarding incentives for the SIENNA-sHUAHUA pool liquidity providers!