$SHD Liquidity Provider Rewards are Live on SiennaSwap

Provide liquidity for the sSCRT / stkd-SCRT pool to earn $SHD.

SiennaSwap’s sSCRT / stkd-SCRT pool has been seeded with $SHD rewards for liquidity providers. 🎉

100 SHD per day is allocated for LP rewards for the first 4 weeks (dropping to 30 SHD per day after the first 4 weeks), with a total rewards allocation of 6000 SHD — meaning users can earn SHD LP rewards daily for a total of 135 days. 🚀

For instructions on how to provide liquidity and earn $SHD, please follow the steps outlined below. ⬇️

Provide Liquidity for the sSCRT / stkd-SCRT Pool

1. Navigate to the SiennaSwap app: https://app.sienna.network/

2. Launch the app.


3. Navigate to the “The Pool” page.


4. On the right side of the page, select “All Pairs” and use the search bar to locate the sSCRT / stkd-SCRT pool.

5. Select “Provide” and approve your desired amount of the sSCRT & stkd-SCRT tokens.

6. Broadcast the transaction.

Stake Your sSCRT / stkd-SCRT LP Tokens to Earn $SHD

1. Navigate to the “Your Rewards” page.


2. Select “All rewards pairs” and use the search bar to locate the sSCRT / stkd-SCRT rewards contract.

3. Select “Deposit” and approve your desired amount of LP tokens to deposit into the rewards contract.

4. Broadcast the transaction.

Please note that after performing your initial deposit, it may take up to 24 hours for your rewards to appear. Your rewards are accruing during this period even though they are not visible. After the initial 24 hour period has passed, your rewards will be readily visible and you will be able to withdraw them at any time.