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wSIENNA (wrapped SIENNA) is an ERC-20 version of the native SIENNA token running on Secret Network (SNIP-20).

Once Sienna goes live, it will be listed on a decentralised exchange on Ethereum and will be compatible with Secret Networks’ Ethereum bridge. 

It’s a zero sum game. The total and circulating supply will always be the same regardless of how many wSIENNA or SIENNA that are traded. If, for example 100,000 wSIENNA is circulating, then 100,000 SIENNA will be locked; hence, it is a zero sum balance.

You lock up SIENNA on the bridge and it mints wSIENNA. If you want your SIENNA back - you send it to the bridge, which then burns the wSIENNA and releases your SIENNA back to you. It's that simple.

Note that while SIENNA is a privacy token, wSIENNA is not. To vote at the Sienna Network protocol, you will need to swap your wSIENNA into SIENNA.

Token info

Name: Sienna (ERC20)
Decimals: 18
Contract Address: 0x9b00e6E8D787b13756eb919786c9745054DB64f9
Type: ERC20
Network: Ethereum

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