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The Bridges

Convert tokens from multiple ecosystems into secret tokens, where all transactions are completely private. This means ETH becomes sETH (secretETH). DAI becomes sDAI
You can use these secret tokens to trade on Sienna Swap, or simply convert them back to their original token whenever you like.

Supported bridges

Coming soon

(interoperability with IBC)

Sienna has a wrapped ERC20 token for the Ethereum ecosystem that you’re able to trade on ie. Uniswap, but also uses the Ethereum bridge to convert into SIENNA, the native Sienna Token on Secret Network. 

Read more about wSIENNA here

The future of interoperability
Sienna is built on top of Secret Network, which is built on Cosmos. This means that once Cosmos blockchains upgrade to IBC, there will be native interoperability between these blockchains.

You can read more about the Cosmos ecosystem and which blockchains Sienna will be able to support here.

Ethereum <=> Binance Smart Chain

With ChainPort you can swap wSIENNA to SIENNA on Binance Smart Chain and of course back again.

Open ChainPort