Weekly Update #38

Things that happened this week

- Final SiennaLend commit with minor changes was submitted to auditors after receiving the draft audit report last week.

- Further front-end integration with SiennaLend. Testing will begin in 1–2 days.

- Marketing preparation for the launch of SiennaLend.

- Governance front-end close to finished. Awaiting contracts deployed on testnet to be abstracted away from the rewards contracts in order to launch it sooner.

- Preparation for support for singular reward tokens other than SIENNA.

- Expecting to launch persisted locally encrypted query permits in the front end this coming week.

- Minor optimizations for SiennaSwap front-end.

- SiennaLaunch contracts nearing completion and tests.

- Router for SiennaSwap is around the corner.

AMAs with Secret Spaceman NFT and Secret Hunters NFT

This past week we had 2 back-to-back AMAs with the Secret Spaceman NFT and Secret Hunters NFT teams. The AMAs took place on Thursday, March 24 in the Sienna Network Telegram channel. Here is the recap:

AMA with Secret Spaceman NFT

Host: Let us begin this AMA by having you tell us a little bit about yourself. When did your crypto journey begin?

Secret Spaceman team: Hey everyone. I am really happy to be here. I am a space systems engineer and an author with passion towards space science. As a team we are 6 people working on the project. My crypto journey began 1 year back.

Host: When did you first venture into the land of NFTs?

Secret Spaceman team: I ventured into NFTs 3 months back. I bought my first NFT from secret network and fell in love with the privacy utility.

Host: What is Secret Spaceman?

Secret Spaceman team: Secret spaceman is a collection of 100 NFTs. The collection has 10 categories, with each category having a spacesuit specifically designed for corresponding exoplanet/exo-moon surfaces. (One Spacesuit for 10 surfaces). The team has curated each spaceman and exoplanet surface with utmost imagination and love toward space science fiction while also trying to stay as close to science as possible.

The community will be a place where you could talk, interact, learn and discuss ideas about space and our existence. Not just that, we have many exciting products lined up to enable you and even your family to engage yourselves in learning more about the space and beyond.

Host: Can you provide a brief breakdown of the different rarities?

Secret Spaceman team: Each NFT is completely 3D rendered. Each and everything is unique! The exoplanet surface textures, alien worlds, dyson sphere all are embedded as art.

Host: Do the Secret Spaceman NFTs have a utility?

Secret Spaceman team: Yes, absolutely.

Goal — Immersive Space experience in virtual reality and metaverse.

As a community — The holders/interactors get life-time access to space educational content.

Host: Will this be a game type of Metaverse or like a social club of sorts for holders of the Spaceman NFTs?

Secret Spaceman team:

1. Educational game-based metaverse with tokenomics - which we think will be one of the first with proper utility in the NFT space.

2. Access to exclusive space media content.

Host: How can Sienna utilize the Secret Spaceman community, and vice versa?

Secret Spaceman team: First of all thank you for having me here for an AMA. Sienna community can follow us and support us which will be really wonderful. And from spaceman side, we can plan for WL to sienna community on the next phases and also share space knowledge and information. If anyone is interested do message us for guidance in space sector. (The first 100 does not have WLs).

Host: Can you share any alpha about the collection with us today?

Secret Spaceman team:

[Full AMA and subsequent questions from the community can be found on Telegram]

AMA with Secret Hunter NFT

Host: Let us begin this AMA by having you tell us a little bit about yourself. When did your crypto journey begin?

Secret Hunters team: My discovery of the crypto world is quite common. A friend recommended me to buy BTC when it was at $9k and fortunately I listened to him. Later I discovered NFTs thanks to OpenSea, but I consider that I am immersed in the crypto world when I met Secret Network a year ago. I carried my pockets of $SCRT and since then I am getting at least one NFT from each collection. I can feel that I could contribute something more to the community and I got to work on the project that is now known as Secret Hunters, and I have a feeling this has only just begun.

Host: Awesome, so is Secret Hunters your first venture into the NFT space as a creator?

Secret Hunters team: Yes. The first NFT that I got was a SecretDog. I had a supply as I was able to do a quick profit since it was Tor Bair’s favorite dog, so I couldn’t enjoy it for long.

Host: What is Secret Hunters?

Secret Hunters team: Secret Hunters is a 3333 supply collection in which the utility of private metadata will allow the community to fight to get the highest level creature by hunting each other. Fish, sharks, whales and krakens are going to invade the Cosmos ecosystem.

Host: What was the inspiration behind the Secret Hunters branding? The dynamics of the game where you have to hunt other NFTs?

Secret Hunters team: Offer something new to the community, a real utility that allows an interaction and competitiveness between the minters. Not a simple PFP project.

Host: Will the rarities be pre-determined, or will they be dynamic based on your NFT’s performance in the game?

_Secret Hunters team:
Fish lvl 1–9

Shark lvl 10–99

Whale lvl 100–999

Kraken lvl 1000–9999

Host: What is the Secret Hunters P2E game exactly? And how can users level up their cards?

Secret Hunters team: A fish can hunt another fish of same level or less owned by the same account. When that happens, the prey is burned and the new level of the predator is old_level + prey_level.

Once a fish increases its level to 10 or above it evolves automatically to a shark, at level 100 shark evolve to whale, and above level 1000 whale evolve to kraken.

For this is considered a deflationary project. In the moment hunting a card with a lower level. In the future also you can level up your cards with $FISH token.

Host: What utility will the $FISH token serve? How can users earn it? Or is it still in the early stages.

Secret Hunters team: Is a deflationary reward token since when you get an achievement in the game, such as evolving to a kraken or collecting all 4 creatures with the same traits.

It will allow you to receive passive income with staking and LP staking. Also you can Stake your NFT if it exceeds level 6000.

It will give you an advantage in the GAME, you will be able to level up your card (1 $FISH = 1 LVL up).

You can sell your NFT in exchange for the token automatically (unwrap) if you don’t agree with your purchase.

Also 20% of total supply will get airdropped to minters and early supporters of the project.

Host: When is the Secret Hunters NFT mint? And has a mint price been announced yet?

Secret Hunters team: 3rd April for WL and 4th public mint.

There are different mint options:

1 mint — 24 sSCRT

3 mints — 64 sSCRT

5 mints — 99 sSCRT

10 mints — 159 sSCRT

Host: How can Sienna utilize the Secret Hunters community, and vice versa?

Secret Hunters team: Sienna can lean on our community as they are people who love all the innovative projects based on the Secret Network. On the other hand, I believe that we can take advantage of the community and influence of Sienna to be able to inform ourselves and correctly create our next DAO with the $FISH token, having the privacy that the community deserves.

[Full AMA and subsequent questions from the community can be found on Telegram]

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