September 2021

Sienna lists on PancakeSwap

Sienna Network, a privacy-first DeFi protocol built on Secret Network has listed on PancakeSwap (SIENNA / BNB) which is possible due to the newly announced wrapped SIENNA token on Binance Smart Chain.

Read the announcement of SIENNA on Binance Smart Chain here

The token is a 1:1 mirror of the native SIENNA token (SNIP-20) taking advantage of the Secret Network bridge to Binance Smart Chain.

Users who prefer Binance Smart Chain and want to earn liquidity provider fees can bring liquidity to the Sienna ecosystem by providing liquidity in the BNB-SIENNA pair on PancakeSwap.

PancakeSwap is the fastest growing DEX on BSC and was chosen by Sienna due to its size and growth rate, and forms a key milestone in Sienna’s plan to achieve true cross-chain availability.

Listing on PancakeSwap will allow users who prefer BSC to move back and forth between Binance Smart Chain and Secret Network effortlessly using the bridge.

The liquidity pair on Pancake is: BNB / SIENNA


Where to find it πŸ‘‡

πŸ‘‰ SIENNA (BSC) Token Address: 0x130f6e4d338bfd8304f5342d759abe5c6bd7ba9b

πŸ₯ž Trade on PancakeSwap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x130f6e4d338bfd8304f5342d759abe5c6bd7ba9b

πŸ‘€ Dextools (Analytics): https://www.dextools.io/app/pancakeswap/pair-explorer/0x3cf72ad6574ade250656776883703ad3d95cbbb4

β˜”οΈ SIENNA/BNB Liquidity: https://pancakeswap.info/pair/0x3cf72ad6574ade250656776883703ad3d95cbbb4


LP Tokens Lock

The initial SIENNA-BNB LP Tokens are locked for 90+ days in https://team.finance for extra transparency.