August 2021

Sienna launches wrapped token on Binance Smart Chain

Sienna Network, a decentralized privacy-first DeFi platform built on Secret Network, today launched its wrapped BSC-token on Binance Smart Chain— find the token address at the end of this post.

This is another step, following the similar launch of the ERC-20 wrapped SIENNA token earlier this year, in Sienna Networks strategy to be fully available across multiple chains followed by additional bridges e.g. to Polkadot and Terra later.

This makes SIENNA available to users in the fast growing Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, and will be followed by listings on BSC focused exchanges.

The goal is for SIENNA to available across multiple blockchain ecosystems, widening the access to Sienna’s privacy preserving products built on Secret Network that is launching soon.

You can bridge SIENNA from Secret Network to SIENNA on Binance Smart Chain and back on https://bridge.scrt.network 🌉

👉 SIENNA (BSC) Token Address: 0x130f6e4d338bfd8304f5342d759abe5c6bd7ba9b