March 2021

News - Introducing wSIENNA

There are some exciting news to share with the Sienna community — introducing wrapped SIENNA (wSIENNA)!

**What is wSIENNA?**‍

Wrapped SIENNA (wSIENNA) is an ERC-20 version of $SIENNA (Sienna Network’s governance token). It will be listed on a decentralized exchange on Ethereum and will be compatible with Secret Networks’ Ethereum bridge.

How does wSIENNA work?

It’s a zero sum game. You lock up SIENNA on the bridge and it mints wSIENNA. If you want your SIENNA back — you send it to the bridge, which then burns the wSIENNA and releases your SIENNA back to you. It’s that simple.

Why would you use wSIENNA?

Given that wSIENNA lives on Ethereum means that it will be easier for users in the Ethereum ecosystem to acquire $SIENNA tokens, therefore attracting more liquidity to Sienna and Secret Network 🚀

Read more about wSIENNA: https://sienna.network/wsienna