How to Bridge Your Ethereum Assets to Secret Network

If you want to start using the Ethereum bridge to port over your assets to Secret Network, make them privacy-preserving, and interact with Sienna Network’s privacy-first DeFi applications, then you are in the right place!

Before you get started (pre-requisites)

Before porting over your assets, you need to complete a few preliminary steps.

1. ​​We will start by setting up our wallets.

**Set up MetaMask:
**Connect your MetaMask wallet and set the network to Ethereum. We also have some ETH tokens in our MetaMask wallet for gas fees. Go here to install the app.

**Set up Keplr:
**To interact with Secret Network, connect your Keplr wallet. Set the network to Secret Network. We have some SCRT tokens in our wallet for gas fees. Go here to install the app or watch this tutorial.

Note: Want to protect your identity? Use the Secret Wallet Guide to create a wallet that cannot be linked to a public wallet, centralized exchange (CEX), or doxxed address in any way.

2. Gather your gas fees

To use the Secret-Ethereum Bridge you will need to pay fees on Ethereum (ETH) and Secret Network (SCRT). Do not worry — these are minimal amounts.

You can get SCRT via direct pay, CEXes and decentralized exchanges (DEXes) on Secret, or as a wrapped ERC-20 version from DEXes on Ethereum — find all your options here.

You can purchase ETH on CEXs such as Binance, Coinbase or DEXes such as Uniswap.

How to bridge your assets from Ethereum to Secret Network

Here are the steps you need to take to bridge over your ERC-20 tokens to Secret Network. Make sure you are connected to your Keplr and Metamask wallets before starting.

Step 1: Head over to the Secret Bridge app.

Click the dropdown link, scroll down, and select “Ethereum”.

Make sure “Secret Network” is on the right and “Ethereum” is on the left.

Step 2: Select the funds you want to transfer, amount, and destination.

Click on the token dropdown menu and select the ERC-20 token that you would like to bridge over.

Enter the amount you want to transfer.

Fill out the wallet address you would like to transfer your Ethereum tokens to in the “Destination Secret Address” box.

You can click “Use my address” to automatically fill in the wallet address of your connected Keplr account.

ote: if you haven’t yet approved the token you want to bridge you’ll be asked to click on “Approve” first and pay a little ETH gas fees.

Step 3: Confirm your transaction and wait for your funds to show up.

Click “Bridge to Secret Network”.

You’ll be asked by Metamask to “Confirm” the source and destination addresses and the amount of tokens you want to transfer (note: you’ll need to pay some ETH for gas fees).

Wait for the bridge to confirm your transaction was successful. If so, your assets should appear as Secret Tokens in your wallet! (and are now completely privacy-preserving).

An Ethereum bridge transaction should take about 5–15 minutes. You can check whether your transaction came through with the Secret Bridge explorer and the Etherscan.

If the bridge transaction does not complete within 1–2 hours, go to Secret Network Discord #🌉bridge-support (under “Support”) and open a ticket. Please mention the operation id, transaction hash, and the addresses of the sending and receiving wallet.

Step 4: Create a viewing key.

As token balances are encrypted by default on Secret Network, you will first need to create a viewing key to access them. Doing so will cost you a bit of SCRT in gas fees.

Go to the SiennaSwap app.

Click on the drop-down menu and choose the asset you want a viewing key for.

Select “View Balance” — this will open a Keplr window that creates a new contract.

Select “Submit” (do not use the advanced settings).

Click on “Approve” to confirm (use High gas in times of network congestion).

You created your viewing key! Wait a few moments, and you should see the Secret versions of your Ethereum assets (sETH, sAAVE, sDAI, etc.) show up in your Keplr wallet and in SiennaSwap.

💡 Safely store your viewing keys to avoid having to do a transaction on Secret Network each time you want to see your Secret Token balance.

If you’d rather learn how to bridge ETH token to Secret Network in video format, please check out this helpful tutorial below.

Tutorial by Whispernode:

Step 5: Start using your Secret Tokens on Sienna Network!

Now that you have converted your Ethereum tokens into Secret Tokens, you can use Keplr to send them to other Secret addresses, use Secret Apps, and earn yield from your tokens by providing liquidity.

To provide liquidity on SiennaSwap, please visit the following link :

➡️ https://app.sienna.network/swap/pool

We have many options to earn rewards on your LPs in the SIENNA token and soon SHD and ALTER. 👀

Check out our series of interactive explainer videos to learn how to swap and provide liquidity:

➡️ How to Swap

➡️ How to Provide Liquidity